Facts & Services Overview

Our Sleep Lab Assesses & Treats a Variety of Sleep Related Conditions Including:

Obstructive sleep apnea

Central and mixed sleep apnea


Daytime fatigue


Restless leg syndrome, and PLMD or periodic leg movement of sleep

Dream enactment or Rem Behavior Disorder

Circadian sleep disorders

Shift work associated sleep disorders

ADHD associated with sleep disorders

Anxiety associated with sleep disorders

The Most Common Symptoms Associated with Sleep Apnea Include:

Loud snoring

Excessive daytime sleepiness


Pauses in breathing at night

Waking up gasping or choking 

Witnessed snoring or pauses in breathing

Morning headaches



Memory loss

Lack of concentration

Frequent nighttime urination

Sexual dysfunction

OSA affects all ages, social economic classes and genders. Generally, it is twice as common among men.

OSA Risks & Co-Morbidities:


30 to 50% of patients with OSA have hypertension

Patients with untreated OSA may be resistant to their medication

Heart Failure:

40 to 50% of patients with CHF have OSA

Atrial fibrillation

Adjusted odd ratio associating A Fib and OSA is 2.19


86% of obese patients with type II diabetes have OSA